Liquidations Center FAQ

Liquidations Center FAQ
1. What is the difference between Closeouts & Customer Returns?
Basically, all items from Closeouts are offered, and represented, as overstock or excess inventory. These items are usually 1st quality goods. These loads can be a mixture of products, or the same item. Customer Returns are offered by department stores, and catalogue companies. A small percentage is unsellable; all merchandise "as-is condition." Staff will explain your load. Some loads can be purchased for 5% of the wholesale value. Risk is to be expected.

2. What Does F.O.B. and E.X.W. mean?
F.O.B. is Freight On Board. E.X.W. is "Ex works" and refers to the seller delivering, when goods are at the buyer's disposal, regardless of location. Buyer will be responsible for shipping to final destination. An example: if product not listed as FOB or EXW, and one buyer was in Europe and the other buyer in Kansas City, then seller would give different prices to each buyer, to in order to profit. FOB/EXW enables the seller to fix one price for all buyers, regardless of location and shipping needs.

3. What additional charges are there?
Rest assured, there are only two charges involved: cost of goods and freight. No additional charges are applied, unless otherwise specified prior at the time of sale. This rule is almost universal.

4. How do I have my merchandise delivered and at what cost?
Various well-formulated options apply, in terms of freight companies. This provides you with the opportunity to compare quotes, and therefore make a well- informed decision. You are more than welcome to shop for the best price. You are under no obligation to use our contractors. Another option could be to arrange your own pickup. Some companies may restrict the sale of goods to some states, for example: home improvement and sporting goods stores. For further details see export & logistics.

5. How do I pay for Freight?
Typically, it is our practice to ship via freight collect. In a freight collect situation, we will provide you with contact information for a particular transport company. This transport company will then contact you, to obtain additional specific information. Based on the information you provide, this transport company will make payment arrangements with you. As mentioned above, certain loads will have to be prepaid due to a restricted sale of goods in some states.

6. What is a Pallet? And what is a Gaylord?
A pallet can be described as a wooden skid. The dimensions are usually 4’ x 4’. The height of the pallet will vary depending on each particular department store. It would be fair to say, that pallets are anywhere from 4-7 feet tall. Merchandise is stacked and shrink-wrapped. A Gaylord is the same dimension as a pallet, but it is a big open box. A Gaylord is about the size of a large watermelon box. Gaylord's are often used for apparel.

7. How do you accept payment?
Strictly speaking, payment is due within 24 hours of your purchase. We accept payments via wire transfer. We also accept cashier’s checks and money orders. A company check may be accepted for some loads. You should be aware that with a company check, additional time may be needed, in order for the check to clear. Processing time varies with company checks. Bear in mind that a cashier's check, or a money order is like cash -- there is no processing time.  

8. What is the minimum and can I buy in smaller quantities?
There is no official minimum. It depends on the load or pallet deal. In some cases, a minimum does apply. We are very flexible and are often willing to offer you opportunities based on your specific budget and space availability in our warehouse, at the time of your purchase. Please let us know which lots or loads are of interest to you, and we will make every effort to meet your needs at a reasonable price. We value your patronage highly and want to keep you as a customer!

9. How can I get deals from your company?
You are well-advised, to make a request to us, asking to be added to our mailing list, and we will respond immediately. We will supply you with a product list. Communicate with us daily. It is the most effective way to know about our current offerings. Our inventory changes every single day, sometimes several times a day! Loads from department stores usually go quickly! We recommend that you call us at 1-800-593-8595 or 954-964-3064 we will give you helful updates on availability!

10. Can I advertise brand names?
You are allowed to advertise branded goods as a marketing technique, however, any trademarked names (such as department store names) are NOT allowed in your advertising. As these are the conditions that we agree to -- along with a signed agreement of sale -- this rule is strictly enforced. These conditions are imposed by the department stores themselves. We have to abide by the agreement of sale, as do you. Please call us if there is any doubt or question about  advertising!

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