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If you are in need of Beauty-Products-Liquidation then the reputable and valued Liquidations Center has all of it for you. Our mission is to make beauty goods available to our customers for their bulk purchase order. We have leading brand name beauty products at the lowest prices in today's market. Our name brand items come directly from manufacturers and popular, successful and high-end department stores that you know and love. We buy and sell overstock, closeouts, customer returns, and plus much more! Buying and selling in bulk is at the heart of our operations and we do it well. We want you to benefit from our business model by saving money when you buy from us. Ask us today about our hot deal of the week or our current product list.

Without a doubt, we have every size of your bulk purchase. However, we do have minimums that may apply, but we are always eager to help you through the process. Liquidations Center is available to help in your Beauty-Product-Liquidations. We have the following items for you: makeup, perfume, lotions, accessories, jewelry, and much more! We carry only the top of the line manufactures and prominent luxury stores, ensuring you that you receive the quality your own customers desires! We are available to help you with your bulk purchase order, big or small, and we will do our best to accommodate you in every way possible.

Liquidations Center is conveniently located between Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale Airport. Our address: 2673 South Park Lane, Pembroke Park, Florida 33009. Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 6.00 PM Eastern Standard Time. You may reach us at 954-964-3064 or 1-800-237-7787 (Within United States), Fax: 954-964-6015.

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Our experienced team speak over 10 languages and is here to assist you with your merchandise and with every aspect of the sale.

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At Liquidation Center, our clients range from well-established department stores and drug store chains. Regardless of your merchandise needs, we are here to be supplier. Contact us today and find out our hot deals of the week.